Announcing Medium Voiceovers

Oct 21, 2022
2 min

Medium voiceovers are here to empower your stories. Is Matthew (English, Male) the text-to-speech bot pronouncing words wrong? Not speaking with enough conviction? Well, those days are over. over. over.

The Voiceover Editor

Feel as if you don’t have a voice? That’s OK. The Medium Voiceover Editor has got you covered. Change the default voice for the voiceovers in your stories. Add and edit the backing track of your voiceovers to turn stories into cinematic masterpieces. Medium provides a sound selection service called Speedium, because it makes your readers’ veins rush with adrenaline. Pick from a variety of music that we personally have bent over backwards in front of music executives for you to be able to use.

Yes, that includes the Gigachad song.

Got a problem with your voiceover? Let me guess. Matthew is pronouncing the word “read” as “read” instead of read (red) again? Don’t worry about it. We added a button that you can find in the bottom left corner to have the TTS bot attempt an alternative pronunciation.

Having trouble finding it? Let us know!

Voiceover Accents

We know that the authenticity of your voiceovers is important for an immersive reader experience. That’s why we will be providing a service, Centium, that allows you to purchase voiceovers from other people that we pay cents on the dollar for. Need that slick and smooth Indian Tech Support dialogue? We’ve got you covered.

Interested in providing this service for others? Check out these terms of service. We will take 100% of the proceeds until you have 100 orders. Then you can earn 55% for every order after.

Provide Your Own Touch

We will be rolling out the ability to upload your own voice overs within the next few years. This is a feature that will provide you with the ability to create personal experiences that hook your readers in like a drug-fueled addiction. Stay tuned for live updates as this feature goes through beta testing. So far we only have one rule: No furry erotica. Arf!

We hope you enjoy this new feature.

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