Announcing The SwitchUpCB Guide

Learn about the official usage guide for the SwitchUpCB ecosystem.
Oct 13, 2022
1 min

The official usage guide for the SwitchUpCB ecosystem is available at

What's New

Music Download URLs

In a similar manner to /stream, you can easily find the download link of a song without even being on the website! Check out for details.

Blog Series

Series describe a group of articles that relate to a similar topic. Check out the series of SwitchUpCB at


SwitchUpCB Services is a developing feature that provides the entertainment services you need to become successful. Purchase any service at


The ability to provide dedicated feedback to the entire SwitchUpCB ecosystem is here. Check out for details.


Learn about the upcoming features that SwitchUpCB planned through various roadmaps.



Membership pricing (at has been updated.


The ability to invest in SwitchUpCB music, services, and other valuables will be announced with the release of Splitmore (2023). Splitmore has started dedicated development.

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