Loot From 90 Days on Medium

Nov 25, 2022
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I started my Medium journey on August 23rd, 2022. In the first 60 days, I was able to acquire approximately 2,300 reads and 28 followers with 17 articles. In contrast to the last 30-day period, I began posting new articles relatively quickly (from October 27th onwards).

Resolving “The Incident”

I was still not as efficient on Medium as I could be. As a reminder, I had been dealing with an incident at a new apartment which was about to escalate into a legal matter. By this time, I had executed wave one of four in an attempt to resolve the situation. Then, I did nothing for some time… On November 3rd, one of my parents — allegedly — called the apartment office which led to a maintenance member visiting me. Not only was I unaware of this call, but I also had a technical interview in the next 10 minutes.

I asked the maintenance member to visit after the interview, which sparked an argument on “letting them do their job” (despite being given 20 more days to do so). Long story short, I performed well in the interview. Once I was finished, I visited the apartment complex to resolve that argument, which led to that maintenance member fixing every issue I had with the unit. However, the late fee was still applied. Such that the war wasn’t over.

I’m not sure what happened from that time to November 14th. On that date, I was notified of an arbitrary balance and upon checking the portal, my late fee was removed. All I know is that — throughout this entire incident — the apartment complex lost three employees from management. So I’ve won… But at what cost?

One Line Changes Everything

Article statistics.
Views, Reads, and Read Ratio of One Line to Debug Your CSS Issues

On October 29th, I published “One Line to Debug Your CSS Issues”. At some point, it was published to the Level Up Coding publication (by Trey Huffine). This prompted a growth in reach among Medium Members. In “Loot From 30 Days On Medium”, I surmised that Member Reading Time is the most important factor to being recommended by the algorithm. Given that the article (One Line to Debug Your CSS Issues) maintains 315 minutes of Member Reading Time, this might be the case. However, I can’t confirm this since the statistics provided by Medium state that only 10% of the traffic came from internal sources. Instead, the majority of views come from “Android Device (1.8K)”, “google.com (1.6K)”, and “email, IM, direct (700)”.

Thanks, Google.

Approaching Stability

From November 3rd to November 17th, I worked on Disgo v0.10.1, an API Wrapper used to create Discord Bots. On November 18th, a tragedy occurred. I almost lost everything. Such that the 12-hour event itself will be discussed in another article. During this time, I was forced to reflect on whether the path I’m taking is correct. More than anything, I realized that I have been facing a problem with recognition in relation to my skills (music, software, etc): All a result of my entire upbringing.

As a consequence of the reflection above, I started to release articles about the software I created: I released vaporware. I created a 25000 line proof of concept. The remaining articles which I have yet to release… When Medium prioritizes features such as Syntax Highlighting, it’s not farfetched to assume that the platform has a large audience of programmers. So it’s no surprise that The Pay Disparity of Programmers (released on November 21) continues to perform well.

Loot From 90 Days on Medium

Let’s analyze the results from this period and compare them to the aggregate.

Views from October 24th — November 23 (2022)

The Last 30 Days

What did I gain from posting 11 articles and 0 responses in the last 30 days on Medium?

  • 6278 views (2327 reads)
  • $0 earned.

The Aggregate

What did I gain from posting 28 articles and 12 responses in 90 days on Medium?

  • 10,759 views (4,644 reads)
  • 39 out of 100 followers (required for a Medium Partnership).
  • $0 earned.

At the current rate, it would take me 140 more days to become eligible for a Medium Partnership. However, this doesn’t factor in how growth in the entertainment industry is exponential. It also doesn’t factor in what I’ve planned to release in December: Content that may change everything. So after 90 days on Medium, I am reminded that I have the potential to make money on Medium.

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