Maybe Bezos Is Right

Oct 27, 2022
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Jeff Bezos is no longer the CEO of Amazon. Despite this fact, the company that he founded is still the 5th most valuable in the world (by market capitalization). This is significant because it showcases the durability of the processes that the business he built is based upon. The renowned Leadership Principles that drive each Amazon employee to a decision are well known, but this is not all there is to the company’s success.

When you look deeper, you will find that Bezos — like Jobs — is a very controlling person… where he needs to be. There are numerous stories of him berating employees for mishaps that go unattended in other companies. There is the service oriented architecture decision. Let’s not forget the numerous anecdotes coming from the warehouses… Was this behavior simply a byproduct of his aspirations to visit space? That’s not the point of this article.

Why has Amazon been objectively superior — by measurement of market capitalization — to the other public companies? Its approach. A company is simply a group of people working together towards a common objective. Most companies are run by people working together to guide other humans towards a specific goal. How is Amazon different?

The company is Jeff Bezos.

The S-Team are the neurons, whose processes represent synapses formed through contact humans call a meeting. The management hierarchy represents different organs, each serving a purpose to ensure the company stays afloat. Other cells work hard to collect energy and then replace themselves. Sitting at the top lies a consciousness that guides them all.

What is the Value of a Cell?

Neurons — which are never replaced — are extremely important. So much so that the body has evolved an entire defense mechanism around them: Bones to provide shape and support. Jaws to chew things up. A digestive system to process resources and eliminate waste. Arms, legs, and other muscles to carry the brain wherever it needs to go. An epidermis to ensure that dirty work stays outside the body. Massive erections to fend off the haters... All of these developments prevent one vital organ from being easily accessible in dangerous places.

Blood cells carry oxygen and other nutrients to important systems that require energy. Yet blood cells are extremely replaceable. If the S-Team represents neurons, Amazon’s delivery drivers and warehouse workers represent blood cells. The significance of this is that most Amazon employees only have one mission: To serve their purpose and die. In other words, these people are objects or resources that are only relevant for the sake of fulfilling Amazon’s objective.

Jeff Bezos isn’t an inherently evil person. He does not murder people directly. He adheres to the laws — that he has the ability to create — and faces the consequences (fines) when he breaks them. However, this lack of empathy — assigned by the public perception of his treatment of others — causes him to be viewed in a negative light. The irony is that he has this same (speculated) lack of empathy to thank for his economic success. The ability to view humans as resources has led to Amazon becoming one of the most valuable companies in the world.

Maybe Bezos Is Right.

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