SwitchUpCB Is Undergoing An Overhaul

Feb 4, 2023
1 min

A SwitchUpCB overhaul will last until March 1st, 2023. This "overhaul" will add new features to various services and refine workflows so that more content can be released going forward. If you need to contact SwitchUpCB, please do so at contact@switchupcb.com.

Another announcement will be made once this work is finished.

Update (3/1/2023): Work on the overhaul has been extended to March 17th. A few changes have already been rolled out. You can check them out using the SwitchUpCB Guide.

Update (3/23/2023): I missed the previous deadline in order to improve my writing workflow following monetization on another platform. This was essential for sustainability. Thus, the overhaul has been extended to March 31st.

Update (4/11/2023): Overhaul is extended for upcoming performance improvements.

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