When it comes to leases and licenses in music, often there is confusion about what is what.  Below explains what each of MY leases do, as well as what each  general term means.

If you have any questions after reading, check the FAQ. 

Please note that there are no refunds, but I am willing to work with you if you have a problem as it is in my best interest that you are successful.


The following information is applicable to all the licenses listed below (except the exclusive license):

While reading, please note that the information below is not the exact wording of the contract that will be provided and is used in order to help understand what each contract does.

In all of the leases (excluding the exclusive), SwitchUpCB is to be credited for the production of the instrumental either in the title, description, or final product. If there are samples (usually there isn’t) it is the responsibility of you to clear them. Payments are non-refundable. In the case that an exclusive license is purchased while you own your lease, you may still use the lease for 1 year from the purchase date of the license or until the rights are exhausted. The licenses provided are non-transferable.

Airbit License showcase for SwitchUpCB.
Beat lease info for SwitchUpCB.

Basic WAV

What You Get: MP3, WAV

For the difference between an MP3 and WAV file, check the FAQ.

Beat lease info for SwitchUpCB.

Trackout WAV

What you get: MP3, Wav, Wav Trackouts

This License allows you to make 1 master recording from the instrumental and distribute the master recording for non-profit on a physical copy up to 15,000 times. Additionally, you may distribute 15,000 non-profit downloads for free. You may also distribute 15,000 copies for-profit. You may perform in an unlimited amount of non-profit performances and up to 10 for-profit performances and earn up to $7,500 doing so (regarding the master recording). You will keep all of your royalties (except for synchronization royalties) while those terms aren\’t exceeded.

In addition, you may use the master recording in 2 music videos. You may broadcast or air the Master Recording on 5 radio stations or through 5 station channels, respectively. In the case that your music videos earn up to 1 million views, it\’s recommended you negotiate an exclusive license. If you exceed one of the terms not italicized, you must negotiate a new license.

Beat lease info for SwitchUpCB.

Unlimited WAV

What you get: MP3, Wav, Wav Trackouts


What you get: MP3, Wav, Wav Trackouts

While I don’t sell the exclusive rights to a beat I will make sure that no one else buys the beat. An exclusive is up for negotiation on the terms of a contract and requires emailing to start.


What is the difference between an MP3 and a WAV file and why does WAV cost more?

An MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3) is a compressed music file, often used in places where a small file size is needed (internet, phones, etc). Due to the compression, MP3’s have less quality than a WAV (Waveform Audio File) and are used to transfer the final product.

A WAV file is an uncompressed, lossless file which can produce CD quality music files. WAV’s are the go to choice for tasks like looping, or keeping maximum quality (for a song) on a track before release.

What are Trackouts?

When you go into a studio and wish to make your song sound the best, you will have the beat mixed/mastered. Trackouts are each separate instrument (sound) in an instrumental and having trackouts will allow you to mix each instrument separately to your voice, and alter parts of the beat.

Why don’t you sell MP3?

Generally, an artist who wants to use an MP3 for their beat production shows that they are not taking their music seriously. I personally like the ability to promote those who buy my beats, and I only promote quality music. For that reason, I would rather the MP3 version be used for content-creation, or reference tracking. For more information, email me at

How can I upgrade my lease?

If you wish to upgrade your lease to a higher version (MP3 to WAV Trackout),  all you need to do is contact and send proof of a transaction. After I verify I will give you your discount.

Someone bought an exclusive for a lease I owned, what now?

In the case that a beat is sold exclusively to someone, you will still be fine in using it. However, you will not be able to purchase additional licenses to the beat if needed. This is why you should negotiate an exclusive once you realize you will need it.