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The Music Industry

Improve your success in the music industry through the fundamentals of music and marketing.


A year long period featuring the growth of SwitchUpCB due to somewhat forced circumstances.

Yung Quant EP

The creation of the Yung Quant EP.

Trauma Edition

The first 21 years; that shaped who I am.

Loot From Medium

Is Medium Worth It? Find out by tracking the journey of SwitchUpCB on the platform.

Achievements For Thee

We laugh at the absurdity of it all.

Pay Disparity

Why do certain people get paid more than others?

What is Disgo?

Learn about the Go Discord API Wrapper designed to be flexible, performant, secure, and thread-safe.

Maybe Bezos is Right

How does capitalism work? Understand the reason billionaires love it.

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