Samsung earphones untangled.
SwitchUpCB dumbell chain.
SwitchUpCB sitting in content with a portrait shot.


After spending many years practicing his craft, SwitchUp decided it was time to try something big. As a suburban-based rapper whose flows switch often, SwitchUp wishes to change the mainstream flow by presenting topics like health, and other perspectives in an industry saturated by the opposite.

Casio Piano Modified with headphones.


SwitchUp didn’t discover rap until he got his first laptop at 12 years old. Having heard a variety of music, SwitchUp learned that all music has purpose. SwitchUp started rapping for fun, and as time went on SwitchUp evolved his game. To this day, SwitchUp is evolving and will continue to evolve with you.

Monitor with fl studio loading tracks on it.


SwitchUp played many instruments as a kid, but didn’t get into producing until he wished to make his own music. As time went by, SwitchUp got better at using the DAW – Fl Studio – and switched over to creating rap beats. In 2016, he started selling beats, taking his producing to a new level. Almost a year later, his first official rap song was released.


Released First Song

On September 26th, SwitchUpCB dropped his debut single, “Protein Is My Lean”  and its beat.

September 2017