Set The Standard


Exec is a developing concept which allows fans to personally benefit from the growth of SwitchUpCB. Together, Executives will change the world. Iteration Two is set to release publically in Q3 2022. However, you can request to be included in its beta version.

How It Works

Become an Exec via donation, purchase, or by investing in music. Opportunities may be expanded into planned merch items and other services laterExecs will receive numerous benefits including the option to join a messaging platform that connects us together.

Credits that redeem royalty ownership FOREVER will be offered. These can be used on current releases or saved for up to 1 year. Royalties are paid out every quarter. A royalty accounting system will provide simple management and automatic payments for any royalties you own.

Why would you do this?

Investments cover essential business costs required to create more content at larger scales. You make money. I make more music.

Iteration One

You may receive Mechanical Royalties on any song at a flat rate.

Iteration Two

You may recieve a % ownership of a song or album (containing every royalty type) at a flat rate.


A royalty exchange will be created to allow the exchange of royalties for any artist; including SwitchUpCB.


Executive services will be provided in order to assist Execs with personal and enterprise growth.


Execs will change the world.