3 Resources That Will Rocket Your Programming Knowledge

Feb 2, 2023
2 min

Understanding The Fundamentals of Programming is important in order to approach various topics in Software Development. However, you’ll need even more knowledge to build actual projects or acquire a job. These 3 resources provide information that compounds with your fundamental knowledge of programming in order to rocket your expertise.

Improve Your Knowledge

roadmap.sh roadmap for a Web Developer
A Developer Roadmap from roadmap.sh

A roadmap is a strategic plan that maps out the steps you need to complete a goal. You can find high-quality Developer Roadmaps at roadmap.sh, which is a community effort that creates roadmaps, guides, and other educational content for developers. The website provides skill-based roadmaps that can be used to improve your knowledge of topics such as Computer Science. It also provides roadmaps for roles such as FrontendBackend, and DevOps Software Development.

Practice For Interviews

Acquiring a job is no easy feat. You will have to create a competitive resume, then pass multiple technical and behavioral interview rounds to join a company as a Software Developer. Many companies tend to test candidates on their Data Structures and Algorithms knowledge. So it’s recommended to practice these problems.

LeetCode is a platform that provides programming problems similar to the ones you will find in a technical interview. The Blind 75 is a list of 75 problems that cover a majority of topics that you might encounter in an interview. The creator of the Blind 75 went on to refine the list into the Grind 75. Solving these problems will provide you an edge over candidates in your technical and onsite rounds.

Practice Software Development

Solving programming problems will help you navigate an interview, but programming projects will help you secure the job. Companies tend to focus on tools and programming languages in their hiring processes, so it helps to have experience with these things. When it comes to practical information, YouTube maintains a host of high quality educational resources such as freeCodeCampGuarav Sen (System Design), and more.

Open Source Software (OSS) is software with source code that is available to the entire world. Websites such as GitHub or GitLab foster communities which not only allow you to read high-quality code, but also contribute to it. You must take advantage of the opportunities that OSS provides as it allows you to learn from Software Developers that are more experienced than yourself.

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