How to Make One Billion Dollars From Scratch

Dec 26, 2022
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Spawn in the nearest western locale.

Step 1. Get Established

Find a charity store and “try on” a set of clothing and a backpack. Be careful or you will be arrested for indecent exposure. Once clothing has been acquired, search a trash bin for a cardboard box, borrow a sharpie from a nearby store, then create a panhandling sign. Relocate to the nearest intersection (with lots of traffic) and beg from wagies for one to four hours.

If you are lucky, you should have a few dollars to refuel for the next step. Buy grains (cereal) and vitamins (if the budget allows). Then, relocate to the nearest 24-hour gym to set your respawn point and maintain access to a water fountain. Speak to the owner of the Gym about securing a monthly membership and ask how long you are able to stay inside within a given timeframe.

If you are unlucky at any point during that entire strategy, find the nearest welfare system. This includes but is not limited to a social service, homeless shelter, church, or police station (worst case). This system will provide you a place to temporarily set your respawn point. Caution: Homeless Shelters are often classified as PvP areas. In any case, you need to have a place to recharge and a form of storage.

Once shelter and storage have been secured, establish an address at the post office and locate the nearest food bank to save money on food. Resell foods that require cooking when possible. Otherwise, find a job (i.e McDonald’s) for minimum wage and perform panhandling in your free time when your usable food count gets low.

The developers ban people who perform the storage unit shelter bug. Don’t do it.

Step 2. Upgrade Technology

Certain guides recommend you to find housing before you start trading time for potential earnings. However, the only viable option available to you — at this point — will be negotiated monthly pricing for hotels. Thus, you will end up spending close to 100% of your earnings which is NOT WORTH IT unless your shelter is in a PvP area.

In contrast, the benefits of having a quiet space to fallback on — when your respawn point is unavailable — may be vital to your growth. You must determine whether you are able to acquire leverage (i.e credit card) or spend more time (in a second part-time job) to justify upgrading your Player Owned House. Upgrading your POH may result in additional unforeseen costs, so proceed with caution.

This guide recommends that you spend your first paycheck on access to technology. This will allow you to earn money in your free time by using electric and internet utilities provided by local shops (such as Starbucks). A phone is easy to transport, while still maintaining a host of additional features (such as notes and digital storage). In addition, a phone is usually necessary in order to securely sign up for web application accounts on the Internet.

Continue to participate in as many giveaways as possible in order to reduce the need to buy food, water, and clothing.

Step 3. Skilling

Determine a method of skilling to earn additional cash in your free time. Purchase your tools from the Internet Exchange. It’s key to note that your rewards are likely to scale with your current skill level and the amount of risk the skill requires. As an example, the driving skill requires the vehicle tool and can be used in order to do the Delivery Service Minigame. However, keep in mind that road crashes are the leading cause of death in the U.S. for people aged 1–54 (asirt)Items are lost on death.

Other skilling options include but are not limited to content creation, social networking, and freelance minigames. The end result is that you will be able to securely maintain a phone and laptop for an efficiency boost to your workflow. At that point, you may want to consider a quest in order to gain a higher level in your skills. Google provides official courses that are not only free, but also recognized by most employers. Otherwise, YouTube contains a plethora of learning materials for any given task.

Step 4. Job

Certain players may be able to skip this task in lieu of a business that is established during step 3. Otherwise, the best way to earn more capital in a western system that rewards those with capital is to… have capital. Grind paychecks at the job until you are able to establish yourself with up to 8 hours of extra free time per day. It’s often that players upgrade their tools, gear, and Player Owned House at this stage.

Keep in mind that middle class wagies are extremely unsupportive of from-scratchers. This step will be harder for you than expected in comparison with regular players.

Step 5. Risk

You can secure yourself with a job, but becoming a billionaire involves risk. There are many forms of risk available to the public that include gambling, investing, and company creation. If you were able to identify an important problem that went unaddressed in step 4, consider starting a company and aiming for a high valuation by bootstrapping or founding a startup. Then, use leverage in order to accelerate the rate at which you earn usable cash.

Tip: Use cash to create rules that make the game easier for yourself.

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