Time Management

Jun 25, 2023
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What is Time?

Time is a measurement of the distance between two periods.

What is a Time Manager?

A time manager tracks and manages the limited lifetime of a human.

What is a Time Tracker?

A time tracker tracks time: Time tracking helps review and optimize how time is spent. 

An ideal time management solution allows a human to [1.1] perform time tracking of tasks or integrates with a system that does. This includes [1.11] manual entry, [1.12] recording, and [1.13] conditional detection of task work.

An ideal time management solution also shows a [1.2] history of time logs and aggregates collected data for [1.21] reporting: These time logs can be tagged, categorized (grouped), and used in various capacities (e.g., reports, third-party integrations) that let a human optimize their time usage.

[1.1] Time Tracking
[1.11] Manual Entry
[1.12] Recorded Entry
[1.13] Conditional Entry
[1.2] Time Collection History (Audit Logs)
[1.21] Time Analysis (Reports)

Time Tracking Methods

Input Time Tracking

Input Time Tracking is a method involving the entry and analysis of time logs after time has been used.

Retrospective Time Tracking

Retrospective Time Tracking is a method involving the entry of time logs as events occur for retrospective analysis: Tracked time is analyzed, then used to create tasks that optimize a person's time usage.

An optimal implementation of Retrospective Time Tracking involves automatically tracking your time: This time tracking method is superior to Input Time Tracking because no effort is spent logging time when a context switch occurs.

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