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What is a compressed file format (.zip)?
Compressed files are faster to upload and download. You can access non-compressed files from your download by extracting them. This can be done by
    1. Selecting the Compressed File (.zip)
    2. Right Click (Desktop) or Hold the File (Phone) to 'Extract All'

IOS Devices don't allow you to download music files directly so you must transfer files to the device from a desktop computer.
What is WAV (.wav) and when do I use it?
The Waveform Audio File format is an lossless audio file format standard. WAV Files are uncompressed resulting in higher sound quality (when your sound system supports it). As a result, WAV files use more storage space.  Use WAV files when sound quality is important and storage space is not an issue.
What is MP3 (.mp3) and when do I use it?
The MPEG-2 Audio Layer III format is a lossy audio file format built for distribution. MP3 files reduce file size by reducing sound quality. The bitrate (320kbps) signifies the amount of music data in each bit. Essentially, a higher bitrate results in higher quality. Use MP3 files when storage space or minimizing data is important (i.e web, streaming, phones, etc).
Will the Cover Art be higher quality?
Yes! SwitchUpCB Cover Arts that are available around the internet are typically compressed for preview purposes. Any Cover Art provided in a digital download is uncompressed resulting in a higher quality photo.