The Music Industry

Improve your success in the music industry by learning how it works from the perspective of an independent artist.
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Most human objectives have a ‘correct’ method of completion. When it comes to releasing music, record labels set the standard. Yet a record label is just a company composed of a group of people. So the people “setting the standard” are individuals — like you and me — who complete tasks at the same capacity that anyone else could.

The main difference between an individual (independent artist) and a group (record label) is that a group contains specialists. Giving each group member a role allows the group to achieve higher output. Analyzing these roles shows how a record label effectively creates and markets commercially viable music.

At the same time, the music industry is constantly changing. Certain roles and information exist in tradition rather than efficiency. So you must always look at information critically rather than haphazardly following it: New information in the music industry may make certain processes obsolete.


Learn how to achieve the highest objective standard of audio quality while creating music.

Understand the importance of resources (time and money) in an Independent Artist's career.

Learn why creating the best song or album doesn't matter as much as people think.

Learn why the colloquial definition of an Industry Plant is misleading.

Learn about the misunderstood songwriting process of the music industry.

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Understand the significance of luck in pursuing a creative career.

Understand the importance of studying the industry you want to be successful in.

Understand what causes the pay disparity of creative (emotional) work.

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