11503 Hyperfang: Rover Ruckus

A journey with lows, highs, and everything in between. 7 rookies, 2 robots, and 4 portfolios.
May 12, 2022
1 min

This project is a sequel to the 6209 QuadX: Relic Recovery from my perspective.

What is Rover Ruckus?

The objective for Rover Ruckus can be found here: FIRST Rover Ruckus by Qualcomm

During this season, we accomplished:

  1. Competitive integration of 7 rookies in a team of 11.
    1. Software: FTC Integration Modules
  2. 2 Robots (Rattlesnake, Scorpion) costing $732.83.
  3. Website (Domain Expired)
  4. Business Plan (Illustrator)*
  5. Engineering Notebook (InDesign)*
  6. Software Portfolio
  7. Hardware Portfolio*
  8. Secured the #1 Alliance for our league in our last competition (Scouting).

*I don’t have the final versions of certain files (explained in the project timeline) and am unable to access my alumni account. These versions will remain unlinked (unless otherwise received).

Here is the autonomous for Rattlesnake (OpenCV).

Here is the final autonomous for Scorpion (TensorFlow).

Project Timeline

Coming soon.

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