My Fiverr Experience

My Fiverr Experience as a software developer from start to finish and the projects it involved.
Mar 15, 2022
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Getting Started

Promises that were made to me were broken which meant I needed money. Freelancing was one way to do this. The way that Fiverr (or Upwork) or any freelancing service works is relatively straightforward. You provide a service to customers while the freelancing services provide marketing for you. As a result, a ~20% cut is taken from each sale.

In order to get started on Fiverr, I created multiple Gigs about mixing, mastering, and programming with accompanying videos. The programming gig was the most popular, likely due to demand. Its video features a one minute montage of projects I created (prior to Fiverr) with Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata serving as a backing track. The pricing and description of the gig is what set me apart from other service providers; along with my proficiency in the English language. Most people on Fiverr charge $5 but I charged much more.

I also included my experience over the following topics: Basics (Environment, Types, Pointers), Problem Solving (Design, Implementation, APIs), Object-Oriented Programming (Encapsulation, Abstraction, Inheritance, Polymorphism), Data Structures (Array, Stack, Queue, Linked List, Graphs, Trees), Algorithms (Big O, Sorts, DFS, etc.), File Handling, Memory Based Tasks (Bots), GUIs (JavaFX), Image Recognition (OpenCV), APIs (REST, GraphQL), Databases (Design, SQL), and Obfuscation. The gig applied to the following languages: C++, Python, JavaScript for Web Development, and Java for Desktop and Android.

 I completed 34 projects with a 5 star rating, however I'm unable to disclose most of them, which were comprised of Java CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) and APIs.

OsirisEdit (July 9, 2021)

OsirisEdit is a fork of WaveEdit which is a Wave Synthesizer created in C++. The application was harder to modify due to the outdated C++ tool chain. In addition, the original fork didn't support Windows which meant we could only support Mac and Linux. I don’t own a Mac (necessary to test this toolchain directly) so Daniel assisted me with this task. All of the modifications we made can be found here: OsirisEdit (v1, v1.1).

OsirisEdit Frontpage

Tutorio Widgets (June 24, 2021)

This rather unsuccessful project was given by a “premium” Fiverr client. However, it's an idea of what you can deal with using these websites. To understand why this order was so frustrating, you need to understand how Fiverr’s service provider rating works. There are a lot of details, but the gist is that cancellations are very bad. I was on track for a rating increase which made me accept offers I shouldn’t have.

This order in particular came from a person who was contracting multiple people to create widgets for an educational platform. He wanted us to edit the template he purchased (from Tutorio) and send them back. Sounds simple enough… The full 17-page dispute can be read here: How I Got Scammed on Fiverr.  Let’s attempt to summarize what happened…

The client originally messaged me asking about widgets and his budget. I explicitly state that I will create 4 widgets (with 2 versions each; fixed and randomized input). These widgets can be viewed in light or dark mode. This order took much more time than it was worth due to many factors. I ended up spending over 10 hours on an order that should have taken one. Nonetheless, the client was provided the 4 widgets we agreed upon within the deadline.

Tutorio Widgets

The client requests a revision (acceptable), but begins to ask about 3 other widgets. I walk him through our entire written order process, including the part when I explicitly state “four widgets” twice. He attempts to justify his mistake by stating that he’s “paying developers $5-15 per widget” and asking why he’d pay me $90 for 4 widgets. I don’t know, why did you agree? He also begins to backtrack on the widgets he asked for…

We make the rounds through the dispute process that ends with him asking for a compromise when his cancellation process fails. The support team admits that the customer is at fault, and advises me to create new offers for them. Alright... I attempt to compromise with this guy, but nothing is working. He draws a hard line on me providing him with free work, and when I won’t do it he calls me a “liar and fraud”.

This whole situation ends when the client submits an empty revision prompting a redelivery and another support ticket for this delivery. A new support representative sides with the client for a “miscommunication error” (created by the client). I get penalized for this and quit accepting new orders on Fiverr. If anyone finds my work online, please let me know. I’m not sure if this client has profited from the code that I provided, but if he did I wasn’t paid for it yet.

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