Announcing the NEW Improved SwitchUpCB Website

SwitchUpCB has been working on a new website from October 18th - December 11th and it contains features you won't want to miss! Here is a guide to your use of the website.
Dec 12, 2021
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Enhance Your Experience

The new website places information about SwitchUpCB at your fingertips. No longer must you scour third-party posts and interviews to find extra information on one of your favorite artists. Find yourself engaged in the new experience from music to memberships and merchandise.


SwitchUpCB Music Page

You can find all the music released by SwitchUpCB (Yung Quant) and any other alter egos at Each single or album preview includes icons that redirect you to a song's streaming or download link respectively.


You can easily find the streaming link of a song without even being on the website!

Update (10/13): Find more information at


View all of the music videos by SwitchUpCB (Yung Quant) at

Understand the Story

Everything happens for a reason; often is it hard to understand what that reason is. The new blog will provide you with the moments that shape SwitchUpCB and information you can use to improve yourself.


We use our mind with every action we take. Find information that helps you improve the most important aspect of your life.


Engage yourself in the life of SwitchUpCB through stories (created in hindsight). Experience key moments as they occurred in real-time (first-person).

Behind The Scenes (Reports)

Find information, data, and experienced related to projects (and failed ones). Gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to become a creator.


View the projects SwitchUpCB has created along with their purpose and outcomes.


The featured section includes common articles that don't necessarily pertain to other articles; yet are still relevant.

A Shop You Will Love

The new shop includes all sorts of wearables, accessories, and more. It also grants you the ability to download high-quality music files (mp3, wav) and their cover arts at your own price. You can find artist notes in the description of each music showcase giving you more insight into the art itself.

Support Music in the Best Way

What was the budget of your favorite album? It's true that the cost of creating music has become less expensive. However, creating music you love to listen to still is. If you would like to see more music from SwitchUpCB, please consider a support option. Every action you take creates an impact. Every effort you make moves us a step forward.

"Thanks for keeping me alive."


SwitchUpCB Donate Page

Engage in a one-time donation at Avoid corporate middlemen — such as Bandcamp or Patreon — by funding the source of music directly. SwitchUpCB is currently an independent artist. All the money you donate is placed towards the costs of creating high quality music. This includes — but is not limited — production, recording, mixing, mastering, videos, software, and everything in-between.

Become a Patron

SwitchUpCB Memberships 2021

"When one buys from an artist who needs money (for food, tools, time), they make themselves equivalent to the artist; building the art the artist creating into the world" - Ezra Pound

Those who support the art SwitchUpCB creates deserve his greatest gratitude. Members are granted various perks and benefits and be granted an Exec status. These benefits may evolve as time moves forward. Become a member at


The official roadmap for Exec can be viewed at

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