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Aug 22, 2022
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The SwitchUpCB Discord is an evolving community that contains a host of events and features you won't want to miss.

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SwitchUpCB Is Back

Sub-optimal housing issues (unrelated to stock trading) earlier in the year caused a delay in the ability to record. A plan was made to begin releasing music again from July 31st, 2022, onwards. Unfortunately, this plan was delayed due to the events described in "How I Wasted 6 Months Creating Disgo".

At the current time, SwitchUpCB does not have the luxury (nor funding) to release musical content in a pre-packaged collection (or album). We will release what we can without regard to (sub-optimal) scheduling and package these releases later. The /music page will always provide an easy way to view the collections of SwitchUpCB in an organized and searchable manner.

Sponsor Yung Quant

The ability to advertise your favorite stock or cryptocurrency is here! Use the form provided at to suggest the creation of a song for a specific asset and its sentiment. Yung Quant will create this song in high-quality at a competitive market rate.

A New Civilization

The roadmap for Exec has been updated at This update does NOT eliminate the ability to invest in SwitchUpCB: A dedicated feature will be provided later. If you are still interested in investing in SwitchUpCB, please contact

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