I Use Bookmarks Now

Jan 9, 2023
1 min

What happens when content discovery goes awry? All I wanted to do was watch the videos of the channels I’m subscribed to. I hoped that my subscribers were able to do the same. Unfortunately, YouTube has other plans for me.

I started using incognito, but to no avail: You are not logged in. I’m too lazy to fill out the form. So, what merit do I have to complain about the homepage? Mr. Beast. Andrew Tate. Attractive women in short snippets. It’s not what I need but what I deserve (according to YouTube).

Whenever I do log in, YouTube is on to me. Lamborghini Advertisements? I’m poor. What does YouTube know that I don’t? That’s beyond the point. Nowadays, I use bookmarks to track the “videos” page of various creators: An RSS Feed notifies me of new videos from my favorites as YouTube once had.

I’m the algorithm now.

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