When Money Doesn’t Change People

The concept of f*ck you money explained.
Mar 29, 2023
1 min

Money is a human concept used to manage resources. People without money lack resources and must rely on social standards to live. When money doesn’t change people, it frees them from societal control. Their actions — without restraint — show who they really are.

The concept of “fuck you money” stems from this phenomenon: A person abundant in resources has no reliance on social standards to live. In other words, abiding by social standards — codes, religions, laws — is optional for them. That is why rich people can get away with murder.

For most people, money serves as a restriction on their freedom. A child cannot make money until a certain age, so the adult population must influence them. Society remains geriatric, as a fraction of the elderly population hoards control until their inevitable demise. The dead attempt to impose control via inheritance.

No one wants to be controlled, so people try to make money. However, making money can change someone as it requires them to fight for control. What would you do if your freedom sat right next to you? So when money doesn’t change a person, it will change the people around them.

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