What Confused Me About Humans

Feb 16, 2023
1 min

My religious peers sin. Yet also use said religion to enrich their social positions. That’s how I realized that human actions are not aligned with religion, but rather controlled by it. Let’s not forget the people who use religion as justification for their wrongdoings.

What confused me about humans? The inconsistency in their beliefs. Religion is just the start. People scream about various financial events as if a problem exists, yet call any alternative to the status quo a scam.

Modern dating advice assumes that humans are civilized, not animals. Rules exist for certain environments. Yet, rule breakers are rewarded. Civilized words don’t align with animalistic actions, so people become unhappy.

The inconsistent logic of humanity continued to confuse me until I realized that — for many people — their beliefs are not used to guide their actions, but rather justify them after the fact. These are Left Brain Activities.

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